Gecko Concept Designs


A few concepts that are being reworked. This particular design will eventually encompass hibiscus blossoms, a Gecko, a butterfly, and rippled blue or green stained glass as a backing. Its approximate height will be 20″. This design is particularly tricky as leaves and branches behind the main design elements have to recede into the background while at the same time reinforcing the visual flow of the piece. If there are too many branches, or too many leaves, the simple beauty of the glass may be covered up. And a suitable frame for the entire work is still a challenge.


This may be the first shadowbox piece we produce.

Research at the California State Railroad Museum


With the Artists Collaborative Gallery showing our work, we’re making a locomotive themed piece. Its being specifically sized to be easy to transport in the hopes that visitors from out of State (or perhaps even out of country) might be able to take a piece home with them. But every good design starts with the same thing: research!

I’ll wandering around the California State Railroad Museum ( looking for inspiration. And it abounds with some pretty stunning examples of it! I’m honing in on a side shot, with brass accents, perhaps 18 to 22″ in length. Its should look lovely on a wall, fit nicely into a piece of luggage, and work wonderfully with some of the salvage glass from one of our larger pieces.

Matsumoto Castle


This is a concept sketch and render of a piece I’m working based on Matsumoto-Jo, in Matsumoto Japan.  This would be about 36″ across, made of 7 layers of laser cut wood backlit with LED rope lights. The foundation would be water jet slate stone that would then be mortared to the surface.


New Equipment at TechShop SF!


TechShop San Francisco just installed a pair of Trotec Laser cutters, each at 80 watts! That means a larger bed to cut on, potentially larger pieces, and faster production! And new toys for me to play with! I’ll be prototyping at TechShop SF all this week for anyone who’d like to come by and say hello. Just follow the smell of lightly toasted wood….

Labor Day Showing


It was great to see everyone at the Artists’ Collaborative Gallery on Labor Day. All the smiling faces was more than worth the hearing loss from the blaring cannons and old west gun shows of Gold Rush Days outside! Thanks to all who came out, braved the triple digit heat and made it a wonderful day!

Meet the Artist at the Artists’ Collaborative Gallery


J. Elliott Young of J. Elliott Designs will be at the Artists’ Collaborative Gallery on Saturday, September 1st! Come enjoy the myriad of artistic creations throughout the gallery and ask any questions you’d like about laser cut wood and stained glass works.


Now Showing at Artists’ Collaborative Gallery


As of this afternoon the entire product line of J. Elliott Designs is now on display at the Artists Collaborative Gallery in Old Town Sacramento.


We’ll be showing At Artist’s Collaborative Gallery!


J. Elliott Designs was just judged into the Artists Collaborative Gallery by unanimous vote! Our work will now begin showing next month at their K Street location in Old Town Sacramento.

San Jose TechShop Open House


Sunlight, pulled pork sandwiches and stained glass….yup, we had a wonderful time at the San Jose Techshop yesterday! Thank you everyone for coming out and making it a great event. We even made it into the San Jose Mercury News!


[Gerardo Revuelta and his daughter Nevaeh Revuelta, 6, looks at wooden stained glass sculptures designed by J. Elliott Young of J. Elliott Designs at the TechShop in San Jose on Saturday, June 9, 2012. (LiPo Ching/Staff)]


A special thanks to Trevor Tuttle of GLR Studios for letting me use one of our old promotional CD cases to entertain our visitors….including young Nevaeh!

TechShop Open House and Makers Market


TechShop invited us to be part of their Open house and Makers Market on Saturday. It was a hell of a lot of fun! In addition to a table to display our latest projects and plenty of curious folks to show them to….there was a barbeque! Well, more of a hamburger smothered in bacon with potato salad. But close enough to keep me happy. It was a great experience and helped show where our display needed work. Its time to designing stands, getting some LED rope lights and cutting a few of the newer designs.

The beauty of the open house is that we get to do it all over again on Saturday in San Jose!

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