More Jewelry Prototypes!


Yet another of my jewelry prototypes. I’m really fond of this design. Its just….elegant. The process of carving, sanding and finishing this design is extremely time consuming. With 2 different iterations breaking in the carving process, I’m going to have to rework it to strengthen the sides and thicken certain portions of the wood.

But this design has legs.

I’ll need to pick a different colored glass. As much as I love the rippled green stained glass, it doesn’t read. When held up to light, the green glass just glows with rich viridian hues. But they aren’t going to be worn in front of a window, but snug against the skin. Without a bright lighting source behind them they read as black or dark, dark green. I’m probably going to need to switch to an opaque color.

……maybe a rich red or orange?

Prototype too


Carving Jewelry Prototypes

Carving Jewelry

The tools necessary for the intricate work of carving jewelry is very different from those I use on larger scale pieces. I have to put together custom vises, micro chisels and use the most delicate drills on my Dremel to put these pieces together.

Carving Jewelry

It all has a very ‘Geppetto’ like feel!

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