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16" high, 16" wide | Layered Wood and Stained Glass

The original “Clockwerk” was conceived as an ornate wooden CD/DVD case co-designed several years ago by J. Elliott Young while working together with Trevor Tuttle at GLR Studios, who has graciously allowed both the updated CD/DVD case and newly conceived wood-and-stained-glass piece to be offered to the public.

The unique, steampunk-inspired “Clockwerk” is created from six layers of highly detailed laser-cut wood that surround a sheet of light-catching stained glass. The finished piece can be displayed in any interior space as freestanding art or as hanging wall/window decor. The layered wooden gears look poised to move (but don’t, to avoid inevitable wear and tear), and the clockwork panel can be personalized with two to four characters laser-carved into the “tumblers” and up to two lines of text inscribed below.

Production time: 2-3 weeks

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16" high, 16" wide | Layered Wood and Stained Glass

Glass and wood stain selections can be customized, allowing “Clockwerk” to complement the color palette of your room. The choice of glass and stain, coupled with careful hand-finishing of the wood, ensures that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

“Clockwerk” can be displayed as freestanding art with the addition of a specially designed wood stand that integrates seamlessly with the frame. Freestanding and wall-mounted pieces can be fitted with LED rim lights, giving “Clockwerk” a radiant glow from within and making it an eye-catching focal point in any living space.

Future iterations of the design may include functioning clockworks, but stained glass selections would be limited to darker shades to conceal the timekeeping mechanism.

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